Follow the quest of Journey as she suffers through her Reoccuring Dream, where reality seems to change each night.

Controls: AD to move - W or Space to jump - S to release from Wall - Shift to dash

CONTROLLER SUPPORT INCLUDED (On Downloaded Executable Only!)

Install instructions

Download ZIP file

Unzip the file and run the Unity Application called TheDreamWood V3.3.exe



TheDreamWood - 27 MB


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Nice  Game, It would be great if there is some tutorial for the game play.

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Awesome gameplay, very smooth and quite comparable to Celeste. Good Job 👍

its awesome!!

This game is pretty cool! Good job! (:

This is a really cool game! I love the sound effects and the ominous background.

Favorite game of the jam so far, controls felt snappy, gameplay was fondly reminiscent of celeste, and the soundwork/art (especially the lighting and particle effects) were absolutely gorgeous!

The best platformer I've seen in this jam so far

My second favorite game of the jam. Very snappy character controller and lovely art.

Amazing game but i would make the beggining a bit easier

I really enjoyed this game!  The controls were tight and the game felt great to play.  


Nicee, remind me to Celeste but with rewind ha! goood

Very nice game!! Very well polished and I loved how you implemented the rewind theme!